La rutlla

La rutlla is one space of educational and familiar leisure situated to the village of Barruera, to the old half of the Valley of Boí. To La rutlla, the more offals will know the animalons of the farm, will learn to do a hortet and, in the process, in addition to happening it pipe, will discover a bit more to yes same through the games and dynamic that will pose them. Also we will mount to horse with all the familia and for lunch, will do an authentic meal of the Pyrenees, with meat to the brasa and ecological products…

El ventador

Tasting and glass of Wine… We have created a new space for everybody, with ambient music and proximity product.   FACEBOOK

Les falles

To the rural world the popular parties are intimately tied to the agrarian and solar cycles. Start the fire, symbol of the sun, of the mountain and go down it to the village serves to purify the fields and the forests, purify the population and preserve it of the bad spirits.

Boí Taüll Resort

Whether if you are expert or debuting skier and you want to come to spend the day with family, you will find what looking for. It is the highest station of Catalunya (minimum height of 2020m and maximum of 2751m) and it is oriented to the north, what gives a snow of excellent quality. Besides, it is no overcrowded and with an ideal low zone for the children.

The romanesque

The Romanesque of the Vall de Boí is exceptional for the concentration in a small space of an as elevated numeral of churches of a same architectural style. These churches have preserved along the time thanks to the isolation of the valley. Constructors, artists, architects neither chaplains did not arrive until the last past century, they did not to reconvert the initial constructions.   WEB ROMÀNIC

Aigüestortes National Park

Aigüestortes is the only national park of Catalunya and one of the better preserved to south-Europe, With peaks over the 3.000 metres, almost 300 lakes of shapes and diverse colours, rivers, ravines, and waterfalls... you will feel as if you were, truly, to the country of the water.

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